Fiesta Decorations Large El Pato Cans

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One set of six (6) Large El Pato Cans

El Pato products are Mexican sauces that are sold in very obscure food stores that cater to Mexican foods.
The cans have no paper labels, the image is painted right on the can, which is why so many people like to use them as decorations. Once you use them, you can wash the cans and reuse them many times more.
You will receive empty El Pato cans. They have been opened, leaving no sharp edges, and cleaned.
Props, flowers, candles, decors shows in the photo are not included.

El Pato cans come in three size, small (3" height) or large (5" height), and variety of colors (red, green and yellow).

Photos show all, small, medium and/or large cans, with ideas on how they can be used.